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Kali – Filipino Martial Arts

Kali is an extremely practical martial art that originated in the Philippines . It utilizes weapons of all different lengths and sizes, which include bladed and blunt weapons and includes empty hands training that use feet, hands, knees, elbows, throws, grappling, joint locking, pressure points, and in many other weapons.

Kali is one of the few martial arts that actually starts training with weapons first and then makes the transition to empty hands training. It is highly effective, versatile, and practical.

Students will learn how to use weapons and defend against them. After that, the other areas of the system will be learned to prepare students against any attacker regardless of size and weapons.

This class will boost your confidence and greatly improve your hand and eye coordination.

Target age is 12 and up

*Please note that age in the Adult classes is a recommended guideline. Students may be allowed to enroll in a class regardless of age with Sensei’s approval.

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