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Jiu-Jitsu – Target age: 12 and up

Jiu-jitsu “The Gentle Art” specializes in ground fighting that relies on technique and not just strength alone. This art first gained prominence with the advent of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and other ‘no-holds barred’ matches. It is one of the most respected and effective grappling arts in the world and the techniques learned can easily defeat a larger opponent or attacker. Positioning, escapes/reversals, chokes, joint locking, and self defense are all taught.

Skill in the grappling range is absolutely necessary to complete your martial arts training in order to truly be able to defend yourself. Training starts with students learning positions, escapes, and flowing from one position to another. Submissions are then introduced. Students will learn various arm locks, chokes (adults only), leg / knee locks, and shoulder locks.

Jiu-jitsu is a highly appealing art for everyone simply because it is effective on a larger opponent and it neutralizes an attacker’s ability to do anything while allowing you to quickly end the attack with a submission.

Please note that age in the Adult classes is a recommended guideline. Students may be allowed to enroll in a class regardless of age with Sensei’s approval.

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My son Dominic trains at your academy in Jiu Jitsu. Many of you have met him. There are no words to describe our experience and to thank the trainers AND trainees. Dom and his middle brother both have been diagnosed with intellectual disabilities along with severe speech impairments. EVERYONE is so respectful and accepting of our son, our family. It means the world to us. I blog regularly, and wanted to share my post with you all...as you all have change my son's world....our world. Thank you for focusing on his abilities, rather than his disabilities.

Alicia B   

IMAA is the best in the STATE! Best instructors & students. I enjoy seeing everyone helping each other; young, old, newbie, seasoned, it doesn't matter. I credit Sensei Mark for the positive role model he is as to what makes IMAA such a great academy.

Kerri Jackson Molter   

Integrated Martial Arts is hands down the best academy around! I looked for over a year for a good martial arts school, and the moment I walked in this academy I knew it was the right one. Sensei Mark is an awesome teacher and explains everything you learn thoroughly. If you want to learn in a friendly, positive environment, and learn how to defend yourself in realistic situation, no questions asked this is definitely the academy to be at!!!

Chad Pucci, Concord, NC   

My son had the BEST birthday party there! All the kids had a blast!

Kim, Charlotte, NC   

I cannot even express how awesome this school is! As a single mom I have already begun feeling safer at night and coming out of the mall, since starting jiu jitsu and kickboxing at this school. Nevermind the fitness benefits!!

Sharon, Charlotte, NC   

The teachers are among the best in the business and my fellow students are fun to train with. Thanks for giving me the skills and confidence I was looking for.

Ken, Fort Mill, S.C.