We focus on teaching martial art fundamentals that make positive changes in every aspect of your life.

NEW! Classes for HomeSchool Students
Gracie Jiu Jitsu is for kids of all ages and we will teach your children Self Defense in a fun and engaging training environment where they will become more confident, get in better shape, make new friends and learn this effective art.

It is important that children are confident, learn good habits and self-discipline in order to help them achieve their goals throughout their entire lives. Our Instructors are passionate about teaching and it shows in every class they teach. If your children are homeschooled and you are interested in a class, contact us and we’ll schedule a visit. I look forward to meeting you!

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Adult Programs

Adult Programs
By the time a student is ready to graduate from this system, they will be prepared for any attack and situation. They will know what to do and by having this knowledge they will have the upper hand against any opponent.

Children’s Classes

Children's Programs
Children’s classes are designed to begin an excellent foundation for self defense in real life situations, build coordination, confidence and self esteem. Each child will learn how to kick, punch, and grapple effectively and avoid being bullied or attacked.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties
At Integrated Martial Arts each Birthday Party is designed not only to be fun, but will also be educational. You’ll never see kids running around wild, or standing around bored either. A trained instructor will supervise and coordinate everything from beginning to end.

I spend most of my life behind the TV screen watching and wishing I had the skill perform about the greatest martial art master of all time. Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan e.t.c. Determine to bring out my true potential only to find traditional style karate only gave me the fundamentals of a true champion. Fundamentals are important but however it wasn't enough. One day I decided to search MMA school (mix martial art) on Google that was close to home at a reasonable price. The first to come to my search list was Integrated Martial Arts Academy owned by Sensei Mark Cukro. After calling in for an appointment to get a feel of the way things was done in this academy I was quickly impressed. Within a few hours I could tell that I was in the right place (little did I know how right I was) for MMA training. After doing a little research on Mark's background and martial arts history I was ready to train along side the elite group of MMA fighters called Team Coma. So I encourage anyone who ever wished they could become a more knowledgeable, skillful and confident fighter to invest in Sensei Mark's teaching. Because the only way to become a great fighter is to be taught by one. Sincerely, Donquel

Donquel, Charlotte, NC   

This school is awesome!!! My wife and I enrolled our 7 year old son in Jiu-Jitsu after watching Sensei Mark and his team interacts with the children. Like most 7 year olds, his attention span was extremely short and focus was always a challenge. Since enrolling in the class, there has been a vast improvement in both and his self-confidence has increased.

Maurice Washington, Charlotte NC   

Where do I begin. The instructor Mark as well as various others, basically have given me my life back. I have been severely depressed since moving from Maine to North Carolina, mainly my punching bag. I did martial arts when I was 16, and have loved it ever since. I work at the Mcdonalds in Harrisburg by the dojo and drove past it everyday, I was curious and dropped by one day to see what it was all about. What I found inside was a wonderful place full of amazing, kind people. I have made alot of friends their and I hope to become a black belt one day. These guys know what they are talking about and understand the arts well. I picked the 150 a month option and go to all of the adult classes from 7-9 Monday thru Thursday, and 6-9 Fridays, as well as saturdays whenever I can. That is easily 11-13 hours of training a week, plus any training I do at home, thats around 44 hours a month, thats about 3.50 per class. You aint gonna find a better deal than that. Quality is what you get when you go into Marks dojo.

Jake Henry   

The teachers are among the best in the business and my fellow students are fun to train with. Thanks for giving me the skills and confidence I was looking for.

Ken, Fort Mill, S.C.   

I have been training here for a couple years now, and I have to say that mark is the most technical teacher I have ever had the pleasure of training under. Aside from the great programs offered to adults, they have many programs designed for children too, definitely a must for anyone looking to improve themselves!!

Levi Langley   

Dear Sensei Mark, I want to thank you for all of the hours you spent helping me perfect the techniques you taught me. I thoroughly enjoyed coming to the academy and working with all of the other students there, but more importantly I walked out of your school with more confidence and awareness on what to do to protect myself. I could not have asked for a better mentor and because of you I honestly enjoyed working on my senior project. You were one of the best teachers I have ever had! No matter what I needed help with you would work with me until I fully understood the techniques which is very important. I have truly benefited from working with you and feel like my experience has been life changing. I will remember everything you taught me and always feel confident in knowing that I can protect myself. Sincerely, Nikki


First of all, this place is full of humble people eager to share, learn,and teach the greatness of Gracie Jiu-jitsu ! Everything is realistic and has better me as a person, not only at school but at home and in my everyday life! The principles of becoming a better man for your family can start as easy as 1, 2, 3! I have lost over 20lbs in training in Gracie Jiu-jitsu and by proper dieting through the Gracie Diet. This place is worth the time for the entire family! I encourage each and everyone of you to stop by and come try a class! The atmosphere is nothing like you have ever experienced, I promise! They truly treat everyone like family even on your first day! The warm up will get you sweating, and the techniques will blow your mind as you learn to use your body through proper leverage. You can accomplish so much just by ONE class! So come check out Integrated Martial Arts Academy in Harrisburg, NC! Mark Cukro is an incredible guy, full of knowledge! He is also the ONLY black belt in North Carolina under Professor Pedro Sauer! Surround yourself with positive people and influences.

My life has truly changed since I have started in January 2016. Yes, I am still fairly new and still have A LOT to learn; but I cannot ignore the fact that everything has changed in a positive way that I cannot describe with words! You must come and try a class in order to find out and feel the difference! I feel more confident knowing that I can always be ready to defend myself and my family anywhere at any time! When I see a bigger person than me on the street, I don't fear anymore! Instead, I'm thinking, "hmm..interesting.." It's true! Gracie Jiujitsu allows the impossible to be possible.

Integrated Martial Arts Academy is a fun, friendly, and egoless environment where anyone can enjoy learning self-defense.

Christopher Xiong   

After much searching for a new dojo, I stopped by in 2009 to visit this academy. One thing I noticed was behaviour of the instructors and students. They weren't trying to smash you into the mat to feed their ego, but were instead using a positive manner to teach you. Another positive aspect was they were not in the business of creating boot camp black belts for the sake of growth like other studios. I know I made the right choice for my daughter and myself to attend here and would highly recommend this dojo to friends or families.

Lee Lowry   

I cannot even express how awesome this school is! As a single mom I have already begun feeling safer at night and coming out of the mall, since starting jiu jitsu and kickboxing at this school. Nevermind the fitness benefits!!

Sharon, Charlotte, NC   

My son had the BEST birthday party there! All the kids had a blast!

Kim, Charlotte, NC   

IMAA is the best in the STATE! Best instructors & students. I enjoy seeing everyone helping each other; young, old, newbie, seasoned, it doesn't matter. I credit Sensei Mark for the positive role model he is as to what makes IMAA such a great academy.

Kerri Jackson Molter   

I appreciate the real world aspect of the classes.

Mike, Charlotte, N.C.   

This was the absolute BEST THING I put my daughter in. The instructor's are fantastic!!! So patient, knowledgeable & just plain nice people. Theyou became like family and taught my daughter so much in a short time... We had to move and the dojo is the only thing we miss!! Do you and your families a favor and check it out!

McKinley Herndon   

Our family has been involved with several martial arts schools in the area and this one is the best - the variety of classes, flexibility in schedules and the 1:1 encouragement makes a difference. I have an 11 year old who has been attending for 6 months and has lost over 20 pounds, looks forward to class and is now part of their Fight Team. The positive influence and encouragement of the staff makes Team COMA the best!

Karen, Harrisburg, NC   

Hello everyone,

My name is Eric, I was looking for a place to train for about a year until I found the Integrated Martial Arts Academy, and I have been looking at a lot of places and this is defiantly the best around. Everyone at that trains at the Academy are really great men and women who will always encourage you to improve yourself and tell you to keep pushing yourself to do better.

I joined the Academy a few months ago and when I started training... I weighed almost 300lbs, (I didn't feel that great) 265lbs to be exact and now I am down to 230 in just a few months of training and eating healthy. Everyone was encouraging me to come in and train, and be active with everyone at the Academy which made me feel welcomed.

We always have a great time when we train and always learning something new. In my humble opinion, this is defiantly the place to train. I recommend the Integrated Martial Arts Academy to anyone who wants to learn Martial Arts.

Eric M. hitchcock   

I have to give RAVE reviews for this training center! My kids have been in their "summer" camp for 3 weeks now and they LOVE it! The cost is completely reasonable, my kids are learning so much, I'm not concerned with their safety or that they are unsupervised! Suzanne (twin's mom) and Mark are a great team and my kids love them both! I would HIGHLY recommend their karate classes to anyone! In just 3 short weeks, my kids have been answering me at home with 'Yes, ma'am' and my husband with 'Yes, Sir!' Can't say enough or have enough praise for Suzanne and her husband's place!


My son Dominic trains at your academy in Jiu Jitsu. Many of you have met him. There are no words to describe our experience and to thank the trainers AND trainees. Dom and his middle brother both have been diagnosed with intellectual disabilities along with severe speech impairments. EVERYONE is so respectful and accepting of our son, our family. It means the world to us. I blog regularly, and wanted to share my post with you all...as you all have change my son's world....our world. Thank you for focusing on his abilities, rather than his disabilities.

Alicia B   

I first walked into the dojo not knowing what I would be walking into. What I walked into was one of the greatest places I have ever been to in my life. In the past eight months that I have been going to the academy, I have learned alot about myself, I learned who I really am. Sensei Mark Cukro and Sempai Michael Chastine have given me something that no one, not even myself will ever be able to take away from me. They gave me my life back. I was going down a very depressing and suicidal point in my life, and through martial arts I have gained back my happiness. Sensei Mark is more than qualified to teach anyone how to become a champion, and I believe that someday I will be too. These guys may never know how much they mean to me, but I hope that these words make you consider joining the academy. I know that joining the academy was the best decision I ever made.

Jacob Henry   

Integrated Martial Arts is hands down the best academy around! I looked for over a year for a good martial arts school, and the moment I walked in this academy I knew it was the right one. Sensei Mark is an awesome teacher and explains everything you learn thoroughly. If you want to learn in a friendly, positive environment, and learn how to defend yourself in realistic situation, no questions asked this is definitely the academy to be at!!!

Chad Pucci, Concord, NC   

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